Thursday, December 23, 2010

Traditions in Food

Does Christmas time mean family traditions at your house? It sure does at mine. Although I'm betting not the way you think it would for a mom who blogs about Raising Healthy Kids!!

I have blogged about fun with food before. I have three girls and am determined to foster in them a healthy relationship with food . . . and sometimes that means covering the healthy bit in icing!!

At Christmas we go all out and have fun with our food. We start with baking totally unhealthy gingerbread cookies and decorating with disturbing amounts of coloured royal icing, sprinkles and decorations. My kids do all the artwork . . . I am just the baker. We then give away plates of our creations to everyone we visit at Christmas time.

Next up is the required Gingerbread house from the grocery store with our own unique twist! That means more candy, more marshmallows, more icing and more colourful decorations! Its a work of art that is our kitchen table center piece for weeks leading up to Christmas!

Then there are the parties! Each of my kids (that means 3) gets to host their own Christmas party with their friends from school and we get crazy with . . .you guessed it, more sweets !!! I have bottles of coloured icing at the ready, 10 kids at a time around the table, dozens of candy dishes and pre made graham cracker gingerbread houses and Rice Krispie's in the shape of candy canes, snowmen, Christmas tree's and stockings. The kids then get creative and decorate like crazy! Anything sugary is glued down with brightly coloured icing! The more candy, the better it looks!! They love it. And they take it all home !!
Notice how there really isn't any eating going on here? The fun for us is the decorating. The 'being allowed' to stick your hand in the candy dish as many times as you like and use as much hot pink icing as you can.

And the best part of all this fun with food is that its shared with our family and friends!

May all your Traditions in Food be this fun! I'd love to hear what you do this time of year !!


  1. deb - we are making holiday rice krispes tomorrow. how do i shape them? do you use a cookie cutter?
    loved the blog!

  2. I got the molds out of the boxes of Rice Krispie cereal (bought many many many boxes!!!) but they stopped including them last year . . . can you get here to borrow mine?!! Maybe look for them on line? Use a big cookie cutter if you have it, but the molds are awesome and super easy to use!

  3. Sounds fun! Merry Christmas to you and your family! :)

  4. I think that it's great that you do all the decorating together as a family. I tried getting my son and husband to help me like I did with my Mom but they weren't sold.
    Meh...more cookies for me ;)