Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hibernating all Winter? Not a Chance!

I surprised myself when I noticed that I have not posted a blog here since December!  Where did I go? Hibernation maybe? Actually it was the exact opposite!  My husband, the kids and I were so busy this winter OUTSIDE that I didn’t spend much time at my computer writing!

How does one stay busy outside all winter with kids allergic to cold and snowsuits when there is no snow to be found outside, and there is a TV and cozy fire calling from inside? You make a family decision to get out there everyday! And boy did we ever!

We are a family that has always made a point of skiing for 3-4 days each winter, but this year we took the plunge and committed to a membership at a ski club that would have kids in lessons every Saturday and Sunday morning and Mom & Dad in snowsuits no matter what the temps or wind chill for 3 months straight!

Every weekend this family spent at the ski hills, wither skiing down them or hiking up them.  We were out in the gorgeous sunshine, howling wind, blinding snow, -20 temperatures and +10 skiing in our t-shirts.  And everyone loved it!

During the week I committed to a girlfriend that we would work out OUTSIDE every Tuesday & Thursday morning on our bikes, in hiking boots or in running shoes, in the trails or on the country roads.  As our journey began, we agreed to take it week by week and see what the weather threw at us.  Luckily, Mother Nature took the winter off and we saw very little snow in our City so managed to bike ride in the trails almost every week. 

Switching it up to ride lakeside in the crazy wind, or hike when a new snowfall did (rarely) happen and a couple times we were forced to do indoor workouts at the gym.  We worked out faithfully all winter, so proud to find out what we were really made of and we continue to meet twice a week as the weather gets warmer and the workouts get easier!!

Ski season has officially ended, so you will see more frequent posts from me as I shift back to running and getting the kids out on their bikes while sitting outdoors with my computer & continue writing about staying active all year long!

How did you get through the winter?