Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baking vs. Buying !!

Welcome to my Blog !!! It's finally here !! So thrilled to be writing about what I love . . .my kids and our families journey to be healthy while still getting to indulge in chips & ice cream !!
Join me as we all learn what vitamins we really need and how much, why its OK to say yes to dessert for breakfast (sometimes), and why we should cut out those packaged foods . . .eventually!!
I will put it out there, when I had 3 kids in 3 years my favorite person in the WHOLE world was Mr. Presidents Choice !! He made everything my family would eat, conveniently froze it for me and put it on sale every week! For almost 2 years my family ate exclusively out of cardboard boxes . . . . and it was OK ! We all survived! However, I knew that was only temporary to get me through that stage.
Now that my girls are 4, 6 and 8 I have no more excuses! I made a vow last September, before school started, that I would "try" to not buy packaged granola bars or soft cookie bars . . . I would MAKE them. Hah ! I wasn't convinced I could do it for the whole school year - but you know what ? I DID IT !! I made batches of mini muffins and kept them in the freezer, I made awesome brownies with spinach in them and kept them in the freezer and I made soft oatmeal cookies with apples or zucchini in them. Kids loved them all (well, a bit of baking trial & error !!). Then I'd I pull 2 treats out of the freezer every morning for their lunches. I had to bake once every 3 weeks to keep the stock up . . .but I did it!!! Now, we still eat the odd boxed lasagna (and I take granola bars to the beach this summer . . .what? I needed a baking break & its hot!!!) but my kids go to school with no packaged snack food and I couldn't be prouder of my mommy victory!!

Whats your mommy victory? No matter how big or small, everyday we all try our best and we do have those moments when we think we can actually do this !!! Celebrate with us and share your mommy victory!

And for the record, this September, my kids are learning to bake !!!!!!