Sunday, September 4, 2011

I Will Miss Them . . .

This September I become a stay at home working mom with no one left at home once the school bell rings. After 3 children and almost 10 years of daily doting on kids while attempting to maintain a career (and my sense of humour), I will be home alone every day. My baby is entering Grade 1 and I will miss them . . . .

I will miss getting them drinks, snacks, lunch, Kleenex and more snacks every 14 seconds, then cleaning up the mess that is made from the drinks, snacks, and lunch every 14 seconds. I will miss referring their arguments, tripping over the million toys that end up in the family room, flushing the toilet 17 times, changing the TV station and putting in a new DVD. I will miss answering their never ending questions, buckling and un buckling many seatbelts, hiding in the closet while on conference calls. I will miss packing bags of snacks & activities to go anywhere for 5 minutes, being home on time for nap time, lunch time, activity time. I will miss potty training, sleep training, nose blowing and constant interruptions. I will miss the noise, the complaining, the whining, the asking, the crying and miss hearing “mom” 87 times everyday.

But most of all, I will miss holding their hands when we go to the doctors office or down the street to pick up the mail. I’ll miss chatting with them in the shopping cart and teaching them about different fruits and vegetables at the grocery store. I’ll miss laughing with them. I’ll miss the company when I go to meetings and business events during the day. I’ll miss reading them stories and getting hugs before mid day naps. I’ll miss the conversations about their friends and teachers at the lunch table. I’ll miss the mid afternoon bike rides to the park, the mommy days at the pool, the ice rink, dance class or the library. I’ll miss the playdates and my mom friends. I’ll miss having someone at home with me and I will miss hearing ‘mom’ 87 times each day.

As each one has entered Grade 1, I am proud of the young girls they have become and thankful I was able to be home with them for their first 5 years. But now as my 3rd (and final) baby enters Grade 1, I have the full range of emotions. I am excited for them to be growing up, for them to be together in the “big kid playground” at school . . . I know they will take care of each other. I am happy for me, that I will have time for the gym during the day and to be able to work on my business during work hours! I am grateful for the quantity of time I have had with my kids over the years and optimistic for the quality time ahead after school! But I am also sad . . . sad that this house will now be quiet during the day, sad that a big part of me will be missing and sad that the years of being at home with kids is now over.

I have loved being home with you girls . . . have fun, grow, explore, learn . . . and come home after school everyday and tell me all about it!

Yes, I will miss them . . .


  1. Aww, I feel the same way! It's not always been easy, and I haven't always appreciated being able to be home with them, but now that they will both be gone all day, every day, I feel sad I didn't take more advantage of the time with them :(

  2. We have been giving each other big hugs the last couple of weeks and usually both of us with tears in our eyes. My DD had me her Mommy all to herself last year, we called them "Mommy and Riley days". She said that she is going to miss her Mommy Riley days the most. I know tomorrow as she skips off with her friends she will be fine, but inside my heart will be aching as for the past 13 years I have been home with my girls.

    I will continue to work from home and look forward to the PA days and sick days.

  3. Mine has cried "I'll miss my Mommy days". I will volunteer in her classroom and also look forward to PA Days. Think what we can do for moms everywhere now that we have a bit more uninterrupted time! Our girls are better for the time we gave them . .and so are we!!

  4. Well said, I'm right there with you. My youngest of three just started grade one as well and my heart is so heavy. I will miss having someone to hang with and keep me company. However I will admit to getting a little dog to take over some of those duties. After all, I need someone to talk too! :)

  5. Loved this-so touching!!! My daughter goes to JK tomorrow:) Thanks for sharing...