Monday, July 11, 2011

The Memory Moments

Can you imagine anything more amazing for a child than to be out at sunset, canoes in the distance, jumping into a lake with her family and friends close by cheering her on? This is the oldest of my 3 daughters and this photo just makes me so proud, as her mom, to be able to give her these childhood memories. Even if it is just a second in her life, this photo captures the beauty of life, the joy of the moment and the wonderful experiences that are out there for our children.

That is a lot for one photo to say, I know. But my kids are like everyone else's; they hate cleaning their rooms, emptying the dishwasher, sitting still in the car for 2 hours to get to the lake, sitting still while we pack, hanging around while we finish dishes so they can go to the lake. They whine, they complain, they are impatient. But they are so fortunate. They get to go jump in the lake. At sunset. With canoes going by and their family by their side.

The next time they complain about chores, I will show them this photo. The next time I complain about laundry or packing a family of 5 to go away, I will remind myself of this photo.

Life is amazing, simply because my kids get to jump into the lake, at sunset, if they want to.

What moments do you cherish, knowing your children will remember them for always?

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  1. Cherished memories of my children would be seeing them running by the beach shore non-stop without a care in the world, while chasing after waves. Oh the wonders of childhood!