Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Bunnies Last Hop!

It happened in an instant, I had no more than a 2 second warning but I saw it coming . . .for those 2 seconds you could see me in super slow motion shouting “Nooooo” and reaching out to cover my kids' ears. Right there, hands in our popcorn bowl, giggling at a silly movie, right before my very eyes, the Easter Bunny vanished. I couldn’t prevent it, I couldn’t take it back, I couldn’t explain it away. I couldn’t lie to my 9 year old anymore. It’s been a big couple of months for her. The tooth fairy had recently had her last flight and there were tears and a pinky promise to not tell her sisters . . . I blogged about it. I was holding out hope for the Easter Bunny, at least until after Easter.

The evening started out like many other family nights. Our kids school does a monthly movie night and we all wear our pj’s, take pillows, blankets and loads of quarters for the .50 cent bowls of popcorn. We lay on the gym floor for an hour and a half and watch a movie with 150 of our closest school friends (yes I am an awesome mom!) while volunteer parents run the show. Tonight’s movie was Mega Minds . . . a futuristic cartoon battle of good vs. evil where good gets the girl in the end – who knew the Easer Bunny would bite the dust! Evil guy was taunting the girl who believed against all odds (you know the story) that good would prevail and Evil guy uttered the words . . .”Oh, and you probably still believe in the Tooth Fairy and the . . . . (noooooooo don’t say it!! where is the remote? mute the volume . . .noooooo) . . . EASTER BUNNY.”

My 9 year olds head swung around so fast to glare at me, I thought she might just shout out her obvious question for the whole gym to hear. I ignored the glare, secretly squeezed my husband’s hand and hoped she would forget what she had just heard . . . but I knew in my heart the Easter Bunny was done. The movie ended 30 minutes later, and the second those lights went on that head swung around again, “Mommy, is the Easter Bunny real AND DON’T LIE TO ME.”

I told her we could talk at home to avoid bursting the fairytale for the other 149 kids in the gym and get distance from her younger sisters listening ears. We had another talk similar to the tooth fairy talk (its mom, I do it to make fun happy memories for you, I promise I will hide chocolate for you when you are 76 and, the best part . .now that YOU are in the Easter Bunny club you can help mom hide eggs for your sisters!! insert over exaggerated happy mom face). She had another cry, and she slowly raised her pinky to once again bear the burden of a pinky promise to not tell her sisters.

Why would a movie geared to children sell out the Easter Bunny? My other two kids are 7 and 5 and neither of them noticed a thing cause they still firmly believe, but my daughter was wavering as kids do around the age of 8 & 9. She couldn’t have been the only one who’s dreams of big furry 6 foot tall Easter Bunny hoping through our house hiding jelly beans were dashed because of that movie? Maybe these movies could carry a warning . . .”PG – Some scenes may crush young girls belief in Easter Bunnies!” I would have at least waited until after Easter to let her watch it.

She's cool with it now and excited to "know" as we prepare for Easter this weekend, but still . .this wasn't how I envisioned the Easter Bunny going down! How did your kids figure it out?


  1. Wow. thanks for the warning. That's insane. I loved being in on the secret. I think I figured it out when one year... mum asked dad a little too loudly if he was sure he'd only hidden 23 eggs...(that was all I found) - we found the other 2 in May!

  2. I cannot believe it! I have watched this movie with my own who are 3 and 6 years now and somehow I missed this? Thank goodness too. Luckily my eldest has yet to ask and is still a firm believer! These are my favourite memories! I love being Santa, the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, ect. Talk about taking the fun out of it!

  3. Yup we heard it too. Fortunately, my three (3, 5, & 7) didn't notice at all. It's funny because we own a video store and I've had more and more parents asking us about whether family movies "out" any of the child myths. Until your kids get to a certain age, I think it just goes over your head.

  4. Freaked me out too but the 5yo didn't notice it. There really is no need for movies to do this

  5. Luckily my younger kids firmly believe still and the twelve year old has passed the stage of believing. They didn't think twice about the comment. It isn't something that should be in a movie geared towards kids though. I am so sorry your little girl found out that way.

  6. Thanks for the warning! Why? WHY would a movie do that? My 3 year-old saw it with his Daddy and Daddy didn't mention it, but probably didn't notice. My almost 7 year-old might...