Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Family Getaway

One of the perks of being a work at home mom is being able to make my own hours and take Fridays off to go away for long weekends and family getaways. I want my kids to experience everything they can and I am not against taking them out of school for a day or a week if it means we can explore a new town or culture together.

The impending longer than usual road trip got me to thinking though . . .of just what it takes to travel anywhere with small children. My kids are well past strollers, pack'n play's and bottles, but I do remember those days well. . .there were a lot of tears involved, and I'm not just talking about the kids!!

Now that they are older, I somehow thought it would be easier . . .but as I write out my To Do list I am seeing that for Moms, a family getaway of any kind is a big trade off! Accomplish an exhaustive amount of planning & preparation in exchange for a day or two of bliss & memory making. Sometimes you have to wonder if the trade off is worth it! The kids and the Dad seem to win . . . no wonder us moms are done by the time we get anywhere!

My To Do lists for our Family Getaway

The Kids Jobs
Bring me 1 pair of Pj's, a sleep toy, a book and a bathing suit
(the rest I will do to ensure everyone has at least 1 pair of pants & underwear!)

Moms Jobs
Make hotel/event reservations
Get Maps to all destinations
Snacks to feed mouths every 20 minutes after the inevitable "I'm hungry"
Drinks, but not too many-depends on distance desired between each pee break
Rent in car DVD's - ones that won't scare the youngest or bore the oldest
Medical supplies packed in case of surprise runny nose or allergic reaction
Underwear, hats, mitts, socks, sunglasses etc etc etc pack for all occasions
Swim/Beach bag with goggles & favorite mermaid toys
Skate/Ski bag with helmets for everyone
Kids favorite sleep toy that you asked them to get and they forgot to give you
Homework that won't get done but is due the morning after you get home
A book for mom that she won't get time to read but is nice to have . . just in case
Fully charged DS for each child and EARPUGS . . .its a long trip
Digital Camera, Movie camera, plugs, chargers, spare tapes/batteries to record every awesome moment
Wine . . .lots of wine
iPhone so I can tweet the entire time about all the fun I am having
and finally . . .the grace to smile when I am reminded of the toothbrush "I" forgot to pack

Dads Jobs
Get Gas

Thank goodness for Dads! This mom plans on tweeting her way thru her next family road trip . . .all 5 hours of it. . .follow along with @KidsGummyMum!

What do family getaways look like with your family . . .memories and mayhem?!! Just remember, life is better when it is fully lived . . .TO Do lists and all!!

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  1. I love how the kids and dad have such short to-do lists!! And our lists are a mile long!!! the toothbrushes I always forget someones and we have to stop too. Love it! Even a day trips to-do list looks like this. Enjoy all your memories you are creating!
    much love (found you on Bloggy Moms)