Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Journey to living my Passion!

This gummy mum is about to become a full time social mum and I am a lot excited and a little nervous ! All of you who do this full time - blog, tweet, Facebook, follow, lead, review, advertise, read, connect and keep it all under some kind of organized chaos . . . . I think I need your HELP!!!

It all started innocently enough back in May when I attended a @momstownca event with @mabelhood 's @juliecole to learn what this thing called "Twitter" was. 5 short months later and I am quitting my full time job and am lucky enough to be attending @shesconnected and @BlissdomCanada later this month. I'm even attending twitter parties, giving away IronKids vitamin prize packs and won my first prize at a twitter party this week - thanks @ThatEricAlper !

I have made personal in-real-life friendships with inspiring women (@fitandonthemove you know who you are) and on-line friendships with women who's creativity and marketing I admire (@eatingarainbow you know who you are!). I have found women who have helped me find myself (@soul_whispers) and women who want to help other women (@optimom, @WonderMoms_ca, @KatiaMillar, @marketing4moms), there are women who are loving life, Vodka & George Clooney (@CocktailDeeva), women who help promote others (@MommyPerks, @FashionMommies), women who are loyal supporters of me personally & our IronKids Gummy Vitamins (@BarleySugar, @80sgirlforever, @TrenDSpa, @InfoSara, @JackiYo, @ImFreckles, @marcyberg, @sherrirossi). Then there are those who share my love of running (@fitcheerldr, @hipcop, @kellidaisy) and so many more that share my passion for raising healthy kids - those who follow my blog know who you are !!! : )

I could go on - so many fabulous people have touched me over the past 5 months - I could never mention all of them or thank them enough for this new path I am about to take!

I am wondering if you have words of wisdom? How do you manage it all? How do you make time to follow all the fabulous blog posts, connect with your followers, manage your giveaways & reviews, support those who support you, return emails, write your own blog spots, engage on Twitter, keep up on the latest conference or tweet-up, comment on Facebook and still get to school on time to pick up your three little darlings . . .the whole reason you are making this leap . .to spend more time at home with the kids! How do you do it all?

They say if you are doing something you love and have passion for, you never work a day in your life. I get that now. I love this job. I am excited to sit at my computer and connect and write and spread the word about IronKids Gummy vitamins and share my husbands passion. And I am excited I get to be home with my kids . . . . heck, really I am excited I get to be home ALONE during the day when they are at school to get things accomplished . . . so that after school when we are home together I can focus on them!!!

I sincerely thank everyone I have "met" and I look forward to your comments here . . . you have all helped me get to here, your insight and wisdom can get me anywhere !!!


  1. As far as balancing it all, I don't do a great job of it. Some piece is always getting ignored. I just try really hard to change which piece and make sure that my kids and husband are very seldom that piece.

    Good luck and if you figure it out, make sure to share. ;o)

  2. Love this, thank you so much for sharing! I too have met so many fabulous women who have inspired me, and continue to.

  3. Awww thanks :) One day soon we can go for a run together - maternity leave starts in 8 short days from now. Perhaps a Spring 5k?

    As far as balance... hmm that's a toughie - I sneak tweets in when I'm in the washroom - which is far TMI :) I also write up 2-3 blog posts on a Sunday night, then schedule them to publish through the week. That gives me time to comment on blogs for the rest of the week. I also schedule tweets with HootSuite :)

  4. FABULOUS..thanks for including me in such an amazing list of people...Cheers

  5. Love it! Go for it, Deb!! Congrats :)

    And thanks for including me in your post :)

  6. Thank you for including me with other wonderful women, I can't do it all I have tweeps that keep me in check :)

  7. Metro DC Mom - that is great advice!!! We take kids/husbands for granted sometimes cause they will always 'be there' but really we can't drop that piece! The laundry I can drop !!!

    Lindsay I can't wait to meet you IRL at Blissdom or sooner?? . . . I admire you from afar!!

    Janice you are my girl!! We will hook up, run and share our best secrets! Just wait til you have to 'do it all' with 3 little ones!! But I like your strategy!

    Dee . . .I tweeted it - you keep things real - Vodka solves most everything!

    And JackiYo!! Seriously, going to contact you about a book soon . . .

  8. Sara . . you have tweeps? Really ? Who? Cause you 'know' whats going on . . .how do you manage it all?

  9. Thanks Deb! I'm honoured to be included in your list of incredible women!! Congratulations for achieving your balance and for finding your passion!! :)

  10. Thank you for mentioning me, Deb. Much appreciated. I'm happy that we "met" via twitter, also. There are so many intelligent, thoughtful and caring people on twitter - I just love that we can support each other. I wish you well in your new endeavor!

  11. Ann-Marie @momstowncaOctober 14, 2010 at 12:09 AM

    Nice post Deb! Super glad it was a momstown event that started the old brain ticking and thinking "what if...?" xo A-M

  12. XXXOOO - We ALL LOVE you too!! Entrepreneurship is hard on us Moms so we need to keep each other company by sharing our ups and downs.

  13. I have been waiting for this post! YAY! So excited you are taking the leap. You will be surprised how much you can get accomplished when you are home by yourself - part of the balance is shutting off the Twitter feed at some point to get your other work done!

    Thanks for including me in your post - I am honored and so happy that you have found so many wonderful women on Twitter, as have I!!

    Always here if you need be Chicita Banana!

  14. And to think that anyone had a doubt in their mind that you'd wave your hand farewell to punching the clock! I saw that coming a MILE away! Why? Cuz you have what it takes. Self employment has its ups and downs, but the ups hang around longer when you have a positive spirit, a passion deep within, a mission that drives you and a product/service that can stand confidently on its own! You're gonna be just fine and Ironkids will "pay" you back 100 fold in so many different ways. You'll see! :) As for doing it all? HA! that comes alongside my A-type and daily low grade anxiety that doesnt let me idle very well at all! Why do you think theres a "Blackberry ban after 7pm" rule in my house!? LOL!
    Thanks a mil for including me here, and thanks for real life friendship.

  15. Shara you know you are my idol! What you can do amazes me!!

    Ann Marie . . .it all starts with moms! We are the mothers of invention!

    Laurel . . there will be downs? What? Where? When? No downs . . only ups from here!!!

    Sherri you have always been my biggest cheerleader! I gotta get you some IronKids pom poms!!

    And Shawna . . . your positive spirit and awesome energy is a magnet !! Somehow we will find a way to work together . and if not, we will just hang together !! Look forward to our next entrepreneur event!!!

  16. What a beautiful post!

    Congratulation on your success and I can't wait to see what great things the future holds for you!